What does it mean when it says a book is not in stock? 

Our online inventory is not linked to what is on our shelves in the shop. (That would be a constantly changing computer puzzle.) Instead, the online store shows you what titles are available through our wholesaler. (And no, it is not the evil river. It is a company called Ingram, who are very nice. Retailers buy from wholesalers, not other retailers.) What this means is that we have things on the shelf that may not be available online, and the online shop shows things that may not be in the shop. If you see a “call or email us” button instead of a buy button, check with us and we can tell you what the story is. 

I ordered a book online a minute ago, why isn’t it ready?

Carol is working her fingers off keeping up with online orders. Alex and Carrie help when they can, but Carol is the SLAYER of online orders. She is a rock star – but not a miracle worker. She is a hive of industry, working alone in the back concrete room, storming through the online orders so that the staff up front can continue to serve our calling, emailing, and in-person customers. Sometimes she even takes a lunch break. And, look, it takes a lot more work to process an online order (especially when we’re shipping, too) than it does to swipe a credit card and hand a book across the counter. We are grateful for your business and treat every order with the care and love that you would expect. And care and love takes time. 

Can I use gift certificates, KBIA certificates, frequent buyer rewards, etc. online?

You can use Skylark gift certificates toward your online purchases, but not KBIA certificates. And while everything you buy through the site counts to your frequent buyer account, you aren’t able to redeem those benefits online. We’re sorry. You’ll just have to come in and see us (or talk to us on the telephone.) We don’t bite, we promise.

Do my online purchases go toward my frequent buyer program?

See above. They absolutely do.