Wild and Wonderful: A Colouring Book of Jungle Animal (Hardcover)

Wild and Wonderful: A Colouring Book of Jungle Animal By Niti Shukla Cover Image
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Welcome to the exciting world of wild animals with our captivating book, "Wild and Wonderful: A Colouring book of Jungle Animals. This book includes Colouring pages, delightful rhymes and fascinating facts. This enchanting book is the part of the Animal Series, comprising four unique books on Mountain, Farm & Pets, Wild, and Desert Animals.

In this book, young explorers will embark on a thrilling adventure, where they can immerse themselves in colouring breath-taking illustrations of wild creatures. As they bring each animal to life with their artistic touch, engaging rhymes will unfold, revealing fascinating facts about these incredible creatures' lives in their natural habitat. From the majestic tiger to the playful monkey, each page offers a wealth of knowledge that deepens children's understanding and appreciation for the diverse wildlife found in the jungle.

This book not only offers an educational journey but also serves as a creative outlet, allowing children to enhance their motor skills while nurturing their curiosity about the animal kingdom. Join us on this jungle safari, where the joy of colouring harmonizes with the excitement of learning about these extraordinary wild animals. Let imaginations run wild and knowledge flourish as children explore the wonders of the jungle

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ISBN: 9788119608102
ISBN-10: 8119608100
Publisher: Print N Prose Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 66
Language: English