The Highest and Best Use Playbook: Finding the Unfair Advantage Over your Real Estate Competition (Hardcover)

The Highest and Best Use Playbook: Finding the Unfair Advantage Over your Real Estate Competition By Ryan Carr Cover Image
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I can't find any deals.This market is too competitive.The prices are too high.Construction costs are too expensive.I have no time.

Does this sound like someone you know? It is perspectives like these which have been holding investors back from hidden opportunities that could change the way they perceive that next property.

Good Deals Are Found, Great Deals Are Created.

In this book, Canadian real estate entrepreneur Ryan Carr extracts the nectar from advanced real estate techniques, so you, too, can gain the unfair advantage over your real estate competition.

Within three main categories, Ryan shows you how he finds opportunity in any situation through his methods using #TheHighestAndBestUse principles of:

1) Land (Land Planning History, Infill Development, Zoning Definitions, Severance Applications, Untapped Land, Riparian/Mineral/Subsoil/Air Rights, Land Planning Stories)

2) Structure (Creative Renovations, Budgeting For Profit, Structural Opportunities, Loss Avoidance, Additional Residential Units, Vanity vs. Value Markets, Teardowns vs. Reno)

3) Your Skill Sets and Time (Quitting Your Job, ROI ROT ROL, Delegation, Creative Financing, Eliminating Time Suckers, Business Model Comparison, Scaling for Growth, Hiring Employees)

Throughout the Canadian specific content, Ryan defines for you what #TheHighestAndBestUse actually means through the eyes of business fundamentals. This book is for intermediate and advanced level real estate investors who are looking to optimize their business, for real estate agents looking to provide more value to their clients, and for contractors needing a creative perspective on the construction industry.

As much as this book is about real estate, at its core it is a business book where bricks, sticks, dirt, and entrepreneurial tendencies bind together.

HIGHEST AND BEST USE DEFINITION"The Most Profitable, Productive, or Efficient Way to Get Something Done, Somehow" - Ryan Carr

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ISBN: 9781738721511
ISBN-10: 1738721515
Publisher: Balmoral Press
Publication Date: January 12th, 2023
Pages: 228
Language: English